Biswa Shanti Manzil
(World Peace Centre)
Enayetpur Darbar Sharif
Gate of the Mazar Sharif

“Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
 (Al-Quran, 10:62)

[Ala inna awliyaa Allahi la khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoon]
Al-Quran, Surah Yunus:Ayat 62
Khwaja Enayetpuri Tariqah

The 103rd holy spiritual gathering known as "Urs" will be observed on 5th, 6th and 7th January 2018 at the Enayetpur Darbar Sharif, Sirajganj. All zakers, devotees, and patrons are welcome for spiritual  barakah.

Khwaja Enayetpuri Tariqah is one of the largest Sufi Orders in Bangladesh  established by Shah Sufi Hazrat Mawlana Khwaja Yunus Ali, popularly known as Khwaja Enayetpuri(r) in the 20th century.

This Khaniqah located at Enayetpur in the district of Sirajganj represents mostly Muzaddediya Tariqah though influenced by other Turuq (Orders)-—Naqshbandiya, Al-Qadiri, and Al-Chishti.

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Founder of Muzaddediya Sufi Tariqah in Bangladesh, the widely renowned Sufi saint Khwaja Enayetpuri of Enayetpur Darbar Sharif is the most successful and celebrated Sheikh in Bangladesh and Assam in India. Not only did he teach thousands of followers but he also guided a number of prominent proteges (murids) who later on set up individual Khaniqahs in different places across the country and in Assam. Some large ones include Biswa Zaker Manzil (World Zaker Centre) at Atrasi in Faridpur, Shambhuganj Darbar Sharif,  Paradisepara Darbar Sharif, Murshidpur Darbar Sharif, Chandrapara Darbar Sharif,  to name but a few.

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Needless to say, so recognized and so venerated is this Enayetpur Darbar Sharif that almost all classes of people from the highest rank to the poor day laborer visit it to vow to God against all sinful attachments to the world. His teachings are highly venerated and embraced by hundreds of thousands of people in this sub-continent. The Enayetpur Tariqah has drawn a wide attention of the Western people lately.


The warning in Bengali says: 'Do not prostrate at the Mazar'

A view of the Mazar from a distant place

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