Biswa Shanti Manzil
(World Peace Center)
Enayetpur Darbar Sharif
Gate of the Mazar Sharif

“Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
 (Al-Quran, 10:62)

[Ala inna awliyaa Allahi la khawfun AAalayhim wala hum yahzanoona]
Al-Quran, Surah Yunus:Ayat 62
Brief Introduction to Enayetpur Darbar Sharif

Ya Allahu      Ya Rahmanu    Ya Rahim

Biswa Shanti Manzil (World Peace Center)
Enayetpur Darbar Sharif

The Enayetpur Darbar Sharif is located on the bank of the river Jamuna, around 128 km from the Dhaka City Center and 18 km off the Dhaka – Rajshahi highway right after the Jamuna Bridge. Enayetpur is a village, now elevated to the status of a thana (sub-police station) in the district of Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.

Enayetpur Darbar Sharif Complex consists of:

– 4 acres 56 decimals, covering 10 acres when Zakers gather during Urs
The Holy Tomb of Khwaja Enayetpuri, r.a.
Boroitala (Sidra Talmun Taha) - place of teaching spirituality among the Zakers. During URS this place is chosen for Fateha sharif, Khatam sharif, etc
– place of meeting Zakers and disseminating ‘talqini’ (spiritual training)
Kotha – place of rest, special prayer, du’ah and night ebadat for Enayetpuri
Ofat Sharif – place (bed) from where Enayetpuri left this world
Headquarters – place of tickets for Zakers during Urs Mubarak
– place of day time moraqaba, miracles of Enayetpuri
Mosque- accommodates 25 thousand devotees
Islamia Alia Madrasa (semi govt)
– 22 Mudares (teachers) with 350 students
Hujra Sharif – residence with family of Enayetpuri
Daira Sharif – resting place of Murids at the complex
Khabar Khana – a big open space where Murids are offered daily meals known as tabarak. There is a separate place of this kind for women zakers.
Daktarkhana – makeshift pharmacy with first-aid and homeopath medicines
Khwaja Library
– Enayetpur Darbar Sharif is also a publisher of rare books on Islam and Sufism. The library contains numerous manuscripts on Khwaja Enayetpuri and Sufism.
Guest House
– a 2-storied building known as Guest House, lodging high govt and semi govt VIP officials and other elites casually and occasionally perform Ziyarat (pilgrimage to the site of the holy place) at this Mazar (tomb)
Khwaja Enayetpuri Centre for Research in Sufism
– located in the Guest House this centre contains a large number of books, journals, articles, documentaries and others mostly in Bangla and English on Sufism

Off the
Darbar Sharif Complex (in the vicinity of the monastery):
KYAMCH Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College and Hospital with 600 acres of total area out of which there are 90 structures on 134 acres, costing approximately TK 1000 crores – a private hospital and medical college erected by Dr Amzad Hossain - a successful businessman and 3rd son-in-law of Khwaja Enayetpuri(r).
Trust Bank situated in the complex of KYAMCH
Govt Commercial Banks like Sonali Bank, Janata Bank
Sub Police Station
KYAMCH Public School (English Medium)
Govt Boys and Girls Schools

Modernization of the Mazar:
Since the present Spiritual Guide Hazrat Khwaja Kamal Uddin (Gadinashin Hujur Pak), the 3rd son of Khwaja Enayetpuri, took over the charge from his younger brother Khwaja Mozammel Huq, many changes have taken place at the Darbar Sharif. Under the able and efficient guidance and effective leadership of Hazrat
Khwaja Kamal Uddin (Nuh Mia), the following structures have been established:

VIP Guest House
Sanitary latrines for the Zakers
Extension of Daira Sharif by filling earth a large pond
Pure water supply system on the complex
Thoroughfares on the complex
Drainage system across the complex
Generators for uninterrupted electricity supply
Modernization of the library
Several new structures for Hujra Sharif
Refurbishment of the tombs
Sub-police station at Enayetpur
English School
Khwaja Enayetpuri Centre for Research in Sufism
• Modern security systems with security gates & gadgets

©Compiled by Prof Golam Dastagir with the assistance of Khwaja Kaniz Fatema.

Shrine of Khwaja Enayetpuri(r)

'Verily, to Him do we belong, and unto Him do we return' (Quran: 2:156).

'Follow a perfect Pir and emulate what he does. This is peace, this is emancipation.' (Khwaja Enayetpuri).

Inna allatheena yubayiAAoonaka innama yubayiAAoona Allaha yadu Allahi fawqa aydeehim (Qur'an: 48:10)

['Lo! those who swear allegiance unto thee (Muhammad), swear allegiance only unto Allah. The Hand of Allah is above their hands. (Qur'an, 48:10)]

Wa man yatawalla Allaha warasoolahu waallatheena amanoo fa-inna hizba Allahi humu alghaliboona (Qu'ran, 5:56)

[And whoso taketh Allah and His messenger and those who believe for guardian (will know that), lo! the party of Allah, they are the victorious.’ (5:56).]

Yawma la yanfaAAu malun wala banoona
Illa man ata Allaha biqalbin saleemin
Waozlifati aljannatu lilmuttaqeena
(Qur'an, Surah Ash-Shu’ara (26):88-90)
[The day when wealth and sons avail not (any man)
Except him who comes to Allah with a heart free (from evil).
And the garden shall be brought near for those who guard (against evil),
(Quran, Ash-Shu’ara (26):88-90)]

Qad aflaha man zakkaha (Quran, Ash-Shams (91):9)
[He will indeed be successful who purifies it (soul) (Qur'an, 91:9)]

'There is no doubt that Awli-Allah (friends of Allah) are immortal.' (Al-Hadith, Sahi Bukhari Sharif).

Hazrat Mawlana Jalauddin Rumi referred to the Prophet as counseling Hazrat 'Ali to follow the direction of the Pir or Spiritual Guide:

"A friend is needed; travel not the road alone,
Take not thy own way through this desert!
Whoso travels this road alone
Only does so by aid of the might of holy men."


-----Jalaluddin Rumi (Masnavi, STORY X.
The Man who was Tattooed)

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