Reseach Centre at
Enayetpur Darbar Sharif



Under the able leadership of Pirzada Khwaja Kamal Uddin, the present Sheikh of the Darbar Sharifi in association with Pirzada Khwaja Abdul Quddus, Khwaja Enayetpuri Center for Research in Sufism, the maiden Sufi Research in the country, has been established at the Darbar Sharif with hundreds of books and journals on Islam and Sufi Tariqa of different Orders. The Center is located on the 1st floor of the VIP Guest House.

The Centre has drawn attention and attraction of devotees, who gather the place for study and research. Qwari Mowlana Idris Ali, Mowlana Abdul Awal, Mowlana Almes, Mowlana Mostafa and others find the centre for excellence in knowledge of Sufism and and other mystical traditions.

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